Saturday, 3 November 2012

YouTube and AdSense Terms of Service - Compliance

You agree not to use the Service for any of the following commercial uses unless you obtain YouTube's prior written approval:
the sale of access to the Service;
the sale of advertising, sponsorships, or promotions placed on or within the Service or Content; or

the sale of advertising, sponsorships, or promotions on any page of an ad-enabled blog or website containing Content delivered via the Service, unless other material not obtained from YouTube appears on the same page and is of sufficient value to be the basis for such sales.

Prohibited commercial uses do not include:

uploading an original video to YouTube, or maintaining an original channel on YouTube, to promote your business or artistic enterprise;

showing YouTube videos through the Embeddable Player on an ad-enabled blog or website, subject to the advertising restrictions set forth above in Section 4.D; or

any use that YouTube expressly authorizes in writing.

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